• A neurodiverse learning experience

    with a mindful twist!

    Teaching mindfulness, while aiming to support emotional regulation, enhance executive functioning, and nurture early learning essentials. "A dyregulated child cannot learn. We must first co-regulate and affirm them". - Princess Owens

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    Pop-up Adventure

    (Ages 3 & up)


    20 minutes of adventure

    • Access to one of our live adventures such as: mindfulness classes, read alongs and more.
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    Mindfulness Friend

    (Ages 3-5)


    40 minute weekly session

    • Access to live virtual circle time
    • Access to FB parent support group

    Best Deal

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    Mindfulness Tribe

    (Ages 6-8)

    Site member


    Monthly Membership

    • Exclusive access to our members only google classroom
    • Digital integrated mindfulness & executive function plan
    • Daily check-ins with parents/caregivers
    • Access to FB support group

    Contact me for further details!

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    Become a member!

    We offer support for developing executive functioning skills for grade-school (Ages 6-8) mindful friends! In this ongoing support group, we will explore learner-centered topics of significance each week. These are the EF challenges that children are facing in their day-to-day life. We will support each other with tips, tricks, and strategies for the challenges shared each week. Partipants are encouraged to bring to live sessions, any physical items they are finding challenging (e.g. binders), as well as examples of their current challenges (e.g. trouble start/finishing tasks). Please note that this class is a skill-building, supportive space, not therapy.These are our target areas:
    • Task initiation
    • Self-regulation
    • Organization
    • Planning
    • Practical mindfulness
  • About

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    Our program is a fun launchpad into a holistic approach to early learning, focusing on cognitive, emotional, and social development. These are skills that will help children in any environment.


    Mindfulness and regulation learning objectives:

    • Cognitive skill building
    • Regulation toolbox building
    • Executive function development
    • Organization
    • Environmemental awareness


    Early learning objectives:

    • Number recognition, patterns, counting, operations & measurements
    • letter recognition, syllables, letter sounds & more


    The mindfulness friend session is a 40-minute blast divided into three parts: a fun circle time session featuring weather updates, counting, alphabet adventures, and a quirky question of the day, followed by an engaging activity session and a calming mindfulness moment for bidding farewell.  


    Things to consider:

    • East Coast Time Zone (we will have west coast time friendly options).
    • Perfect for Children aging out of Early Intervention.
    • The program time and dates are subject to change but all participants will be given prior notification.
    • This program is intended to be your child’s introduction to mindfulness while also providing tools for school readiness.
    • The site membership program is better suited for ages 6 and up but parents of preschool aged children can join.
    • All payments must be made prior to joining circle time.
    • All payments are non-refundable.
    • We offer 1:1 coaching, inquire within


    Disclaimer: 123 Calm With Me is designed and created by Princess Owens, an experienced certified early childhood mindfulness teacher based in New Jersey. It does not adhere to any state or national standard. However, preschool is not mandated in any state or territory. 123 calm with me is designed to prepare children emotionally and cognitively for learning, and the program is customized for ages 3-5.


  • Teaching young children mindfulness is necessary.

    Teaching young children mindfulness practices, neurologically enhance children's ability to regulate. This prepares them for learning, exploring, respecting and connecting.

  • Ready to join our circle time adventure?

    Pop-up Adventure

    Pop-up Adventure

    A mindfulness circle time that builds emotional regulation skills while targeting early learning essentials.
    Coming soon
    Mindfulness Friend

    Mindfulness Friend

    A mindfulness circle time that builds emotional regulation skills while targeting early learning essentials like literacy & math.
    Coming soon
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    We offer key research-based strategies, tips, and tools for bringing mindfulness to the workplace, Early Intervention Agency, schools, summer camps, businesses and nonprofits. If you are looking for effective strategies to make your classroomm or business more peaceful, fun, positive and passion based then you have come to the right place! Serving Northern & Central Jersey.

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  • Our Circle Time leader

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    Mrs. Princess

    Hi families! You may know me as princess or "The Multiple Mom"- Welcome to my circle time. I’m excited to be one of your child’s first Mindfulness instructors & Educators! I have a background in early childhood development, mindfulness & parent coaching. I am a member of The National Black Child Development Institute and the Early Childhood Advisory Council for the East Orange School Distsrict, in NJ. I‘m a spouse and mom to five children that includes two sets of twins! I‘m also a panelists, writer, wanna-be chef, & sunflower loving Jersey girl!
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    Practically Calm

    Practically Calm is a brand that uses mindfulness for healthy emotional regulation as we consider ourselves and each other. Our tools of emotional regulation, mindfulness & cognitive development can be utilized by the whole village. We offer programs for parenting, early education, orgs, faith-based centers and YOU.

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